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Special Printing

Many things can be done once the ink is on the paper that will set your project above and beyond the ordinary printed matter. Many firms do not have the equipment or the patience to take your job one step further to enhance the graphic impact of your piece; at Corporate Printers, it's what we specialize in.

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Aqueous Coatings And Varnishes

   Spot Varnish    Matte Varnish

Double Bump    Press Manipulation

Getting Good Color

Stock Choices

Our presses can handle virtually any stock type, thickness, or size up to 28" X 40" as well as some non-paper materials. We can also make recommendations as to which stocks would best suit your project at the best cost. Be sure to browse our small listing of common paper stocks to get a feel for what you might like to select.

Aqueous Coatings And Varnishes

A glossy varnish overcoat, run as a sixth color, can add increased vibrancy and tonal range to all color separations. It will also create a bright sparkle to the page and an overall crisp impression on whoever handles your printed pieces. It also adds a protective coating which helps reduce the ribbing of inks.

Spot Varnish

Varnishing the entire page is sometimes too much for a project and visually distracting; sometimes varnish laid only over the photographs and graphics accentuates the product and provides a startling contrast between the gloss and the paper stock. Another possibility is using the varnish as a graphic element of it's own, ghostly, subtle tones laid in patterns unrelated to the printed designs. Spot varnishes, although normally clear, are often tinted with white or tones to add startling and unique effects.

Matte Varnish

The same is true of matte varnishes; sometimes a glossy stock can cause unnecessary distraction due to glaring reflections. Matte finishes give pictures the same depth and vibrancy as gloss varnish, but the non-gloss effect increases legibility and gives the surface a unique toothy feel.

Double Bump

One might think black is black, but depending on the stock and total ink coverage it's often a dull gray. Where necessary we create an under-print of 70% cyan to get our blacks black . . . if that is not enough, a double-bump is laid on. This is a fifth plate that isolates the biggest black solids on a design and prints the black on this areas twice. This often creates a glossy varnish-like effect and enhances overall contrast and makes the piece look finished and professional.

Press Manipulation

Our skilled operators can make changes to the printing that can fine-tune the work. Ink densities are carefully controlled and monitored. We run our densities to the industry standard of BLACK 170c, CYAN 135c, MAGENTA 140c, YELLOW 105c.


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