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83 Iber Road Ottawa, ON K2S 1E7
Tel:(613)591-2335 / Fax:(613) 591-1817
E-Mail: admin@corporate.on.ca 

Andrew Inderwick
(613) 591-2335 Ext: 224
E-Mail: andrewi@corporate.on.ca

Ivy Crampton
(613) 591-2335 Ext: 237
E-Mail: icrampton@corporate.on.ca

  Customer Service
Linda Smith
(613) 591-2335 Ext: 222
E-Mail: lsmith@corporate.on.ca

  Electronic Pre Press
E-Mail: film@corporate.on.ca

  Corporate Digital Imaging
A Division of Corporate Printers
E-mail: cdi@corporate.on.ca

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Corporate Printers
83 Iber Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2S 1E7
Telephone: (613) 591-2335 Fax: (613) 591-1817

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