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Okay - you've finished your first brochure or flyer or annual report. It's on your computer, ready for the printer to put ink to paper. So how do you get it to us so we can print it?

First, get organized.
Things will be easier if you get into the habit of keeping each project organized as you go along. Here's the system we use, feel free to steal it!!

May Newsletter

Layout Text Files Fonts
Low Res FPO Scans   High Res Scans Final & Line Art

One big folder holds the whole project (May Newsletter). Inside are five smaller folders - one for layout, one for For Position Only (FPO) low resolution scans, one for final high resolution scans, one for text file and one for all the fonts we're using on the project.

Don't forget your fonts!
We always need your font files with the project. The only exception is if you've called us and made a previous arrangement to use our fonts.

Be aware that copying fonts can be a very touchy subject with font makers, so make sure you comply with all their regulations.

Copy your file to a disk
Since we put everything into its own file as we create our job, it's a simple matter to copy the main folder for "May Newsletter" onto a disk to give to our printer. Otherwise, we'd have to search around and find the files, scans, TIFFs , clip art, etc. and put them onto a disk. Knowing us, we'd forget a file or two. Just one missing file can cause a project to be held up.

Need extra help?
Both Pagemaker and Quark Xpress have a "collect for output" function that will help you with this process. Check it out.

Better yet, call us. Our specialists can walk you through file collection step-by-step.

Don't forget - before you copy anything to a disk, make sure you have a recently saved backup. Murphy's law loves to play havoc with computers.

Any more questions?
You know who to call. Corporate Printers. No question is too small, no job is too large.

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