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  The ABC'S of Type

Designing with type.
You don't need photos or illustrations. You can make a project look great using type alone. Picking the right point size, the right typeface, varying the leading and kerning, and wrapping the type are all easy ways to give your project a more visual approach.

Type has personality.
There are two kinds of typefaces: serif and sans-serif. Serifs are the little short lines that are added to the tops and bottoms of letters.

There are thousands of different typefaces and each one can give your project a different feel. Type can be happy, angry, sophisticated, casual, artistic, technical, old fashioned, funky, exotic, classic and just about everything else you can imagine. CONFUSED? We can help you find just the right face.

Do I need kerning?
Kerning is the space between individual characters. Open kerning or putting more space between characters can give your type a very airy look. Tight kerning, where the characters fit together tightly, can give your type an intimate look.

Show one face to the world.
Be careful! Don't use too many type faces on one page. You really shouldn't need more than one typeface, or at the very most two -- one for the headline, the other for the body copy. More than that makes it look messy.

Do the wrap thing.
"Wrapping" is when you adjust lines of type so they fit next to a shape. It makes the shape and the type look like they belong together.

Last but not least.
And last, but not least, be sure to give your printer all the printer fonts and screen fonts you used in your document. And if you have any questions about any of this, call us. Corporate Printers Ltd. When it comes to printing, we are just your type.


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