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Economizing Printing-- Example

Below is a good example of how a slight alteration in the original design can make a major difference in project turnaround and cost.

Scenario: A designer is creating a full-bleed, full-color flier with a final trim size of 9.5" X 12.5". The final run is to be 5000 copies.

Solution 1 The job can be run on a 19" X 25" sheet on a larger press. The trim size, however, restricts how many copies of the design we can print on one sheet at a time. With the current trim dimensions, only two impressions can fit on a sheet, making a total of 5000 passes through the press(2500 per side.) The unused paper area around the design edges has to be trimmed off, thrown away, and billed to the customer.

Solution 2 If the original design were 9" X 12" instead of 9.5" X 12.5", we could fit four impressions on one sheet. This reduces the total run to 1250, or 2500 passes through the press for the entire job and reduces the waste drastically.

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